My Thought Spot 15: Napoleonic System of Law

I chose a different outdoor location to record this episode that I have used in the past. I moved to my side yard. The birds don’t seem to be as noisy over there. There was also less traffic noise. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “My Thought Spot 15: Napoleonic System of Law”

  1. Friend David! I fear the only way I will ever run a 10k in under an hour is if the Race Organisers ‘lose’ 9/10 of a kilometre somehow! Don’t knock it ha ha. By the way, you seem to have a lot of run-ins with the local cops: I remember the one who ‘invited’ you to bribe him at the border (I think). And now you’re invited to spend time in the ‘waiting room’? Is this too much of a coincidence? Hope you and your family are keeping well, Gordon

  2. Thankfully this is only my second experience (on the wrong side) with local law enforcement. I hope it is not a continuing pattern. The other experiences are when I am out traveling. Locally the police are not so corrupt, it is when you get out into the rest of the country that you have to watch your back.

    At my pace this weekend I would have been 2 minutes under an hour had the race been the full 10K. But I was breathing hard at the end. It was not easy.

    Thanks for listening. (Do you realize I had only had the episode posted 27 minutes before you commented? That only left 12 minutes from the time I posted until you listened and commented. Are you stalking me?)

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