Another Ministry Update

As a follow up to something I mentioned a month ago, our church is still seeing some exciting growth. When we started the church almost a year ago, we went into it with lots of momentum and enthusiasm. That quickly dried up as the momentum we were able to create came to a screeching halt while trying to find a building to meet in.

It seems that over the last month we have started to see that excitement and enthusiasm start to build once again.

Last Sunday we had a great crowd with a couple of visitors. There were 16 people there. If that was not a record up to that point for a regular Sunday service, it would have been close. Wednesday we had 25! that included 4 visitors. This morning we had some of our visitors from the previous services and 4 more! We had a total of 10 new visitors in the last 3 service days.

For a church that normally has 14 people on a Sunday, those are some exciting numbers.

2 thoughts on “Another Ministry Update”

  1. Goes to show you what patience and persistence will do for you. God is good and he will provide. I am real happy for you and the Green’s. Stay with it and reap a good harvest.

  2. It was exciting to hear of your good report. I know how getting started in something new can lead to great motivation only to see the motivation start to lack. I am glad to hear of your second wind.

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