Missionary Talks 32: Erin Rigsby

I just posted a new interview at Missionary Talks. I am very excited to finally get this interview. I was contacted by a listener who recommended I talk with Erin. I really enjoyed the time on the phone with her yesterday and feel like she connected with the intended audience well.

The summer was supposed to have gotten me several “in person” interviews and I was not planning to have any kind of break. Unfortunately I missed several weeks of not being able to get a show out. I have a few missionaries lined up right now to get the ball rolling again. I may not have one a week, but the shows should be much more regular for a while.

The quality of the phone interview was much better this time around. I think I am finally getting my system working better. Of course, with the installation of our new electrical boxes, I have had the side benefit of eliminating a lot of electrical feedback in my recordings.

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