Did I jinx myself?

I posted about how great my running has been recently. That was all fine until this morning.

The universe conspired against me today. I first got off to a slow start due to our water pump dying and having to tend to that. I also had an email that required immediate attention (which, by the way, is still unresolved).

As my iPod has met an untimely demise (R.I.P.), I am dependent on my iRiver to keep podcasts flowing into my ears. I keep all my podcasts in iTunes which is managed by my wife’s Mac. I then export the podcasts I want into a folder on her computer. From my computer I tunnel in and pull the files to my machine. Then I drop the shows onto the iRiver for my listening pleasure. Last night I did not have time to get all of that arranged before going to bed, therefore I needed to do that this morning. It did not go well and I ended up on my run without it.

Since today is a speed day, it is not so bad to not have my iPod distraction. I often will turn it off or stash it on the side of the track while doing my speed work.

I did not get out of the house until 40 minutes after I planned to leave.  That was enough time to have done my run and been back home.

The track was closed today. I was really looking forward to doing some good speed work. Now I don’t have my podcasts to listen to, nor can I do track work. Drats!

By this point, I decided to just do my warm up and cool down runs and call it a day. I tacked on a little extra to the run to make it worth having gotten out of bed for. I also did a good long stretching session after the run.

No running sob story would be complete without a hurt foot. My big toe on my left foot hurt today for some odd reason. Don’t you feel sorry for me?

Tomorrow is weights and maybe I can get back on track on Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Did I jinx myself?”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the iPod… now you can get a Nano with video!

    We have those days on running. It’s inevitable. I believe it’s that whole… balance of the universe stuff. Don’t let it get you down or worse don’t let it keep you indoors!

  2. I am not sure what is going on with the iPod. I updated to the newest iTunes and it seems to be working…for now. I do not dare take it on an hour run with the fear that it will conk out on me like it did last week when I was just 1.5 miles into a 4 mile run.

    I had a much better time getting out of the house this morning and actually doing my run. Thanks for the encouragement.

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