Better running day

Today I just had a short 2.5 mile tempo run. I ended up running my 5 Km loop. I used the first kilometer to warm up in 6:33. The next 4 Km would make 2.48 miles. That is close enough.

  • Km 2: 5:25
  • Km 3: 5:05
  • Km 4: 5:39
  • Km 5: 5:20

My goal pace was 5:40 (or better). Some of the split irregularity probably comes from not really knowing where the split is at Km 3. A quick check with Google Earth tells me that I hit my split timer .09 Km early. That is approximately 90 meters. Based on my stride length and turnover, that would be about 20 seconds early. Putting Km 3 at 5:25 and Km 4 at 5:19. That is a geeky way to say that each Km was within 6 seconds of one another. That is pretty consistent.

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