It wasn’t Holiday Inn Express

A bizarre turn of events landed me in jail this evening. Yes. Really. For several hours.

I was taking a group of people to church tonight when we pulled away from a traffic light. I felt something bump or push the back of my truck, but it was not anything strong like another car hitting me. I pulled away and looked back in my mirror. To my horror there was a person lying in the road. I made the corner and came back around to the place where all the excitement was.

I cannot give a detailed account of what really happened because I did not see anything. The 16 year old boy is stable and has some injuries, but not life threatening. Apparently he was hit by the taxi beside me and knocked into me.

It took over an hour to get everything to a point where myself and the other driver got hauled off to jail. We waited for a while and were finally taken to the doctor so that we could have our breath and urine tests. I have never had a breath test before. No problem. The urine test was not so easy. I was not concerned about the results, but having the female nurse stand there and watch me give the sample gave me a bit of stage fright. I was instructed to return to the holding cell and drink water until I was ready. Needless to say, I am well hydrated. The second go around I had a male nurse.

Me and the other driver were finally released about 7 hours after it all started. We were released with no traffic violations. But there is still a probability of a lawsuit from the family. At least I get to sleep in my own hammock for the rest of tonight before I have to face that. Believe me, the holding cell in a Mexican jail is not a Holiday Inn Express!

13 thoughts on “It wasn’t Holiday Inn Express”

  1. I understand how you felt about the jail (any jail), but I can only imagine about the Méxican part. I am glad you and your passengers were not hurt. I’ll bet you did a lot of praying during this time.

  2. He left out all the other excitement: a hamster dying, a baby with a fever and throwing up all night, on top of him being in jail almost all night.

  3. You might be surprised as to how many of your posts inspire mine. I usually separate your good idea from mine so you don’t notice.

    No new tattoos and no old ones either.

  4. One brother is now a jailbird and the other is inked up…what am I gonna have to do to get the Black Sheep title back?

  5. What a difficult experience – you have my sympathies! Although I am curious as to what grounds the family of the injured boy could base a lawsuit on? If he bounced of the taxi before hitting you, I would imagine there’s is little you could have done, and any damage to him could well have been the result of the first impact. Having a clear breath alcohol and urine drug test will obviously go a long way toward mitigating any fault on your part. Good luck with it all!

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