Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil StadiumLast Friday when we were in Indianapolis, my older brother invited my son and me on a field trip. My brother was driving a bus load of 3rd and 4th graders to the Lucas Oil Stadium which is home to the Indianapolis Colts.

I was amazed that the stadium was completely enclosed in a box of 980,000 bricks. It was like walking into a huge bank building and discovering they kicked all the executive offices out and put in a football field. The construction did not at all strike me as a stadium. Our tour guide said that the 1.8 million sq. ft. building was large enough to house Mt. Rushmore. Besides the almost 1 million bricks, it took 16,000 tons of steel to construct.

There were more than 1100 TV sets in the building. Even the bathrooms contain TVs so you don’t miss any of the game.

We saw some of the 100 concession stands where they, on average, sell 5,800 hot dogs per game. We also got to visit the press booth and the Quarterback Suite. They serve food at both. In the QB Suite you have to pay $275 per seat during a game, but it includes all you can eat food and soft drinks. That is still an expensive meal. The guide said that sometimes press people will show up and depending on what the menu is for the game decide to either stay or go home and watch the game on TV.

Inside stadiumOn the lowest of 7 levels is the field and locker rooms. The hallways are large enough they can drive tractor trailer rigs through them for food and team equipment delivery. We were able to go into the visitor’s locker room, but not the Colts’.

The field is also on that lowest level. The artificial turf is unique at Lucas Oil Stadium in that they don’t roll the turf up to host other events like at other stadiums. The turf in permanant and they use 9,000 terra covers (rubber looking tiles) to build the alternate surfaces on top.

Lucas Oil has their name on the stadium by funding a portion of the construction. Something to the tune of $120,000,000. It will take Mr. Lucas 20 years to pay that off. That is a serious chunk of change.

There are many other stats that I wrote down as we took the tour, but I can’t imagine anyone but me being interested in them. You know, boring things like 75,000 miles of cabling. That is enough to go around the earth 3 times. Also that the 2 roof panels each measure 160′ by 600′. That is about the size of 2 football fields end to end for each panel. And facts like, each of the score boards is 97′ by 37′. That is 9 stories wide by 3.5 stories tall. Believe it or not, the scoreboards do not look that large since they are in a building that is 30 stories tall. You know, boring facts like that.

The only downside was the trip to and from the stadium. No, it had little to do with my brother’s driving abilities. All I can say is that it takes a special kind of person to be a teacher to screaming 3rd and 4th grade kids.

Interestingly, there were quite a few adults on this field trip. They have never had so much parental participation on a trip before. Men went on a 3rd/4th grade field trip. They either really love their kids, or it had something to do with the destination.

Did we win?

I called one of my football teammates this evening. The championship game should have ended about 30 minutes before I called. I figured that would give enough time to finish the initial celebration and get back to the cell phones.

First time I called he did not answer and I did not get his voicemail. He is good about returning calls, so I would have left a message, but I did not have the option. I called back about 10 minutes later. He answered the phone, but seemed a little out of it.

“Are we champions?” I asked.

“We’re champions?” he asked me.

“That is what I want to know. Did we win?”

“We won? What was the score?” he continued to ask.

“I don’t know what the score was. I was not there. Do you know the score?”

“So tell me what the score was.”

I thought he wanted me to guess so I said “10 to 6.”

“We won 10 to 6?! That’s wonderful!” he yelled.

“No! I am asking you. Did we win? What was the score? Didn’t you just finish playing?” Surely he could not have gotten drunk in the 30 minutes after the game.

This time he responded a little clearer. “I am in Paris and did not play. So, did we really win?”

Ah-ha! It is 4:30 in the morning in Paris. He wasn’t drunk. He was just asleep.

He woke up by this time and realized what the conversation was. Then he said that he would send me a text message when he found out the score. He has phone numbers to several of the other players.

About 45 minutes later I got a text message from him saying that we had won. He did not give me the score, but I will probably find that out in the next few days. The score will be forgotten in a few months anyway. The fact that we won is what is important.

My Thought Spot 10: Traveling Wonders

I got up early to record before the kids got up. But with trying to get everything together they were up and interested in the recording process before I got it done. So you will hear some extra noise (besides the birds) in the background. The rest of the noise has been edited out.

It was good to get a review of the show this week. That is what prompted me to try and get one out before we leave on our next trip. We should have left this morning, but car problems delayed us. So I am using the time the car is in the shop to put this together. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Football season is over…

…for those poor souls who did not make it to the championship game. My team, however, still has one game to play.

Tonight we won our final game of the season with a score of 20-12. That gave us a season record of 3 wins, 3 losses. We needed this win tonight to go into the championship and we got it.

I will be heading out of town in a couple of days and won’t be back for a few weeks. Therefore, I will miss the final game. I have not been much of a help to our teams winning ways anyway. I have not played much. I did not play at all tonight.

Football Standings

I went to football practice last night. This is the first contact I have had with my team in almost 2 weeks. I was not able to make the last two games because of a church activity and traveling.

I found out that this weekend we won! The weekend before we lost. That gives us 2 wins and 3 losses. If we win this coming Saturday we will go to the final game. I will be able to play Saturday, but not after that. We will be going to camp during that time and I will be out of town. Even though I won’t be able to play, I still want my team to go to the final of course.

The first place team is already guaranteed a spot. I think we are tied for second. But the stats put us in third. We could still go to the final game if we lose, but the other team that shares second with us has to lose pretty badly too.