Football Standings

I went to football practice last night. This is the first contact I have had with my team in almost 2 weeks. I was not able to make the last two games because of a church activity and traveling.

I found out that this weekend we won! The weekend before we lost. That gives us 2 wins and 3 losses. If we win this coming Saturday we will go to the final game. I will be able to play Saturday, but not after that. We will be going to camp during that time and I will be out of town. Even though I won’t be able to play, I still want my team to go to the final of course.

The first place team is already guaranteed a spot. I think we are tied for second. But the stats put us in third. We could still go to the final game if we lose, but the other team that shares second with us has to lose pretty badly too.

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