Did we win?

I called one of my football teammates this evening. The championship game should have ended about 30 minutes before I called. I figured that would give enough time to finish the initial celebration and get back to the cell phones.

First time I called he did not answer and I did not get his voicemail. He is good about returning calls, so I would have left a message, but I did not have the option. I called back about 10 minutes later. He answered the phone, but seemed a little out of it.

“Are we champions?” I asked.

“We’re champions?” he asked me.

“That is what I want to know. Did we win?”

“We won? What was the score?” he continued to ask.

“I don’t know what the score was. I was not there. Do you know the score?”

“So tell me what the score was.”

I thought he wanted me to guess so I said “10 to 6.”

“We won 10 to 6?! That’s wonderful!” he yelled.

“No! I am asking you. Did we win? What was the score? Didn’t you just finish playing?” Surely he could not have gotten drunk in the 30 minutes after the game.

This time he responded a little clearer. “I am in Paris and did not play. So, did we really win?”

Ah-ha! It is 4:30 in the morning in Paris. He wasn’t drunk. He was just asleep.

He woke up by this time and realized what the conversation was. Then he said that he would send me a text message when he found out the score. He has phone numbers to several of the other players.

About 45 minutes later I got a text message from him saying that we had won. He did not give me the score, but I will probably find that out in the next few days. The score will be forgotten in a few months anyway. The fact that we won is what is important.

2 thoughts on “Did we win?”

  1. We won 4 out of 7 games (including the championship). We really had a good team, just a lack of teamwork at times. That was due to the deplorable turn out for practices. But, we won!

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