Missionary Talks 28: Rick Powers

I did an interview with Rick Powers this afternoon. I used my new Giant Squid mic that I purchased earlier this month. The original 2 that I ordered never arrived. I was very impressed with the quality of the recording. There is a definite quality difference between this $30 mic and my $2.70 one.

We were in a hotel lobby, which you can hear in the background. I hope it is not too distracting.

Bro. Powers shares about taking teen groups on mission trips. It was enjoyable to chat with him today and get his insight on leading a group to another country.

2 thoughts on “Missionary Talks 28: Rick Powers”

  1. Cool, although I am backlogged on podcasts again and still have to listen to Livingston pt2, feedback and Bro.Powers PLUS MTS09… good thing you’ll be traveling… I can catch up on my Peachy Podcasts!

  2. WooHoo! I hope to put you further behind. Though I did not grab any interview today, I plan to get a couple tomorrow and then another few before the week is over. If I can go home with 6 interviews in hand, I will be a happy man. That will help carry me through the next several weeks while I am on the road.

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