Running hills

My first big hill to runMy 3.3 mile morning run today included a 1/4 mile hill that had a 109′ elevation change in it. Going out on the run was downhill, coming back was up. Why did they have to put my hotel at the top of the hill?

It does not look like much of a hill in the picture, but it really was quite a hill. Especially for someone who is used to running on zero hillage.

I was looking for the Krispy Kreme on my run this morning. I had seen it a couple of days ago while I was out with someone else. We were in a big traffic circle and went off on one of the spokes when I saw the KK. Today I ran down that way and did not find it. On the way back from the run I convinced myself that the KK must be down one of the other spokes. I am pretty sure I know which one now.

I will head out there tomorrow morning (if I have time). That will let me kill 2 birds with one run. I will get my run in and I will also be able to eat breakfast. I know it can’t be healthy for me, but it also cannot be much worse than the hotel breakfast. I never noticed how much processed white flour is in everything they sell as breakfast food these days. I skimped by with a bowl of bran flakes, banana, bagel, boiled egg and apple today.

Tomorrow will be KK donuts.

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  1. Well, yes it is. But I ate that because I want that because I choose it. Not because it is the only thing available. If I am going to eat the bad stuff, I want it to be on my terms.

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