Missionary Talks 26: David Livingstone (part 2)

The second half of the David Livingstone biography was put on line last night. In a few days I will have both parts re-mixed and smashed together into one audio file. Keep checking the Missionary Talks website for further details. I will not be putting it into the podcast feed. You will need to go to the website and download it directly.

I actually was not overly pleased with the way this second half turned out. I am probably going to re-record the whole thing (for the third time) and see if I can fix a few audio issues with it. Boy I wished my Giant-Squid mics had arrived. I spent good money on those mics and now have trouble justifying a re-purchase. My $2.50 mics are OK for most things, but I am disappointed with the way they handled this recording.

Maybe I will buy a new mic with my PayPerPost money first, then I will work on getting me some new shoes. I also have Google ads going on here. We will see if I get enough clicks to buy a really nice mic.

2 thoughts on “Missionary Talks 26: David Livingstone (part 2)”

  1. Our minister reference David Livingston in his sermon on Sunday (only a quote) but I would have no clue about this guy if it wasn’t for your podcast. I’m going to direct download these so that I can give them a listen.

  2. I am glad you will get a chance to learn about him. There has been a lot of sensational stuff said about him that does not seem to be founded in historical truth. However, there is much more stuff that is very interesting about him than I was able to put together here. I hope you enjoy them.

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