Tux crashed

The car carrying Tux the penguin crashed in turn 1 yesterday at the Indianapolis 500 on lap 37. The driver was injured and taken to the hospital.

It was not a waste of money for Linux. There was significant media coverage of the fact that Tux was featured on a car. This news release from Tux500.com has some good comments in it as well as some details about the media coverage garnered for Linux.

I am sorry that the car crashed and the driver was injured. But it seems to have been a successful event for Tux. Since he was placed 31 out of 33 cars, there was not much thinking that he would win. Just being there was an honor.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that Tux crashed and his driver was injured. I did not watch the race, but reading news reports of the race sounds like there was lots of problems with the race this year, none the least was was the weather.

  2. Thank you for your take on this. Yes, this project was a success and evidenced by the emails and inquiries we are recieving as to what Linux is and is it really free/how do I try it. A clearinghouse for information and suggestions is now online at http://www.tuxproject.com. We wecome your ideas and thoughts on where we go from here.


  3. They ended the race early. Only did 166 of the 200 scheduled laps. The winner apparently sensed that might be the case so he stayed on the track and did not pit with the other leaders. That gave him an advantage when they called the race early. Because of that “intuition” you would have thought that one of the three female drivers might have won.

  4. Since you have an “in” with Tux, tell them that I live in Indianapolis and would love to be their driver for next years race, just get me a ride and crew and I will win the race for them.

  5. Sure, I will work on that.

    The driver for the day was the backup driver. The main driver could not do well in the time trials, so they pulled in the backup. He has only raced in 2 previous Indy 500s and earned over $300,000.00. Not bad for a few hours work. Of course, he earned $0.00 this year.

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