Disclosure Policy

I have written a disclosure policy for the blog since I am now seeking financial independence through blogging. Ok, maybe I am just trying to buy a new microphone and a pair of shoes every few months. Anyway, I used disclosurepolicy.org to help me write a policy that I think covers the bases.

Basically it says this. I may get paid to blog about products, but what I say about them is what I really believe. I will try to choose “for pay” opportunities that will be of benefit to the readers of My Thought Spot.

And, don’t worry, my personal ramblings are not going anywhere (or maybe you were hoping they would). Also, if this goes the way of many things in my life, in a few months, you won’t have to worry about a disclosure policy since I probably will not be taking money for posting. It is a cool fad right now that may get me some new shoes. Every 8 months when shoe replacement time comes around, I may pick up the paid posts in earnest and then drop them again for a while.

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