New podcast and day trip

Today we returned to Cuzama where the beautiful cenotes are located. These are the ones that have the stunning blue water. I took my mask and snorkel with me for the first time. It was incredible! This week we have had the coldest weather in my 3 winter history here. But the water was nice. It was not near as cold as was expected. And still wonderfully clear.

I did a bit of recording for my new podcast today! I took the recorder with me on the trip and while we were chatting on the way back home I grabbed about an hour of audio. While we were talking I was trying to think of good stuff to use. I think I may have ended up with 20 seconds of usable audio. I will have to listen to it all again later and pull out what might be good material.

The podcast will just be a complement to this blog. It will even be titled the same. I am going to try some experimenting with this show. I will have no real firm format and the frequency may vary considerably. I am ready to do it, I just have not put together any kind of intro/outro to start with. Recording and putting together the first several shows will be pretty easy. After that I can see where I go with it. I would expect the first episode to be released within the next week.

I am still eagerly awaiting my new microphones from Giant Squid Audio Lab. I got an omni-directional and a cardioid mic from them. Tomorrow marks three weeks from when they were mailed out. That is the earliest I can realistically expect them. And it could take as many as 6 weeks. After that, I give up waiting for them and assume that some postal worker is putting together his own podcast with my new microphones. I will cry a little and then move on knowing that they were not the first casualties to the postal system, nor will they probably be the last.

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