I got a new mic!

I was browsing through the hi-fi section of one of our local specialty stores today. I had been lamenting the fact that my microphones that I purchased from Giant Squid Audio Lab have not yet arrived. This weekend marks 6 weeks since I ordered them. It took him over a week to get them in the mail. Therefore, I have really only been waiting less than 5 weeks for them to get here.

Back to the specialty store. I was browsing through the aisles when my eyes spotted just the deal. This would be the perfect “tide me over” until my good mics arrive. Hanging on a bubble pack card in the computer section of Wal-Mart was a $2.50 lapel mic. Score!

I figured, for that price I could afford to take a chance that it was junk. On the other hand it had to be better than the built in mic on my iRiver.

I did some recording on it today and think it sounds pretty good. I will include some of the audio in this week’s podcast for you to hear. I am going to take it on an 8 mile run in the morning and grab some audio from the road as well.

It is very sensitive and picks up all noise as if everything were right on top of the mic. So it is not very good for interviews in a noisy environment. On the other hand, for sound seeing, it seems to be about perfect.

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