Book Mooch and Library Thing

Book Mooch book trading website.Book Mooch is a site that I heard about while listening to Inside the Net. It is a site that allows you to trade books. No money involved other than you have to pay to ship out a book.

For every 10 books you say you are willing to trade, you get one free book credit. This has to be done because you can’t get books until you start sending out books. If you did not get this one credit free, no one could get started. The site is only about six weeks old. According to the podcast, they had 60,000 books after just three weeks on line! They have just under 80,000 as of this writing. See their stats page for information.

First you put up your books for trade and then when someone wants one, you ship it out to them. You get credit for the ones you ship out. Then you can request a book in return. The difference between this and other services like it is that you are not trading your collection to another specific person that you are getting books from. I may have books you want, but you have nothing that interests me. Book Mooch eliminates that problem by giving you credit for each one you send. Then you request a book from anyone’s list of books. You cannot buy credit. This keeps the money out of it.

Book Mooch is a company designed by John Buckman, the same man who created Magnatune and Lyris. Because his other companies have been huge successes, anything he touches seems to create a buzz. That would explain why 60,000 books were available for trade after just 3 weeks. Also, because Mr. Buckman has made his money, Book Mooch has no real business model. They don’t have to make money on this website. It is a philanthropic venture for him. I am sure it will be bought out at some point by some company who wants to monetize the site, but right now it is pretty benign.

While looking through Book Mooch, I saw there were links to Library ThingScreenshot from Library Thing. For the purpose of Book Mooch, it is a site that they can link to for further book information (they also link to Amazon book information). People who own the books write reviews and show what other books they own in the same category.

Library Thing’s main niche, however is creating personal library catalogues for its users. You can enter the books you own and, based on your obvious interests, you can get other book recommendations. It is very similar to what Amazon does with your searches and purchases. But you don’t have to buy the book from Amazon to get the use of this feature. You can input any book you own. From their site you can swap books as well using different book swapping services. Of course, Book Mooch is one of them.

I have not signed up for either of these services. Though I think they are both very useful, I personally don’t have a need yet. Most of my books were left back in the US. The books I currently have with me are precious to me. Therefore I am not interested in trading them.

Because I have not signed up with Library Thing, I am not sure if it does one of the great features that I would love to see. When I loan out a book, I would like to be able to put in the date and note the person to whom I loaned the book. Then I would know who has my books and I can hound them appropriately until I get my books back. Or maybe even have a friendly email reminder sent to the person every couple of weeks until the book is returned.

If anyone knows of a book cataloging site that allows me to do that, I would appreciate you leaving a comment.


According to my logs I have had almost 2000 visits to my site this month. That is not a huge number, but it does mean that someone more than me is hitting the page. That is exciting news.

I am able to see that most of my visitors come to me from Steve Runner’s website and forums. Steve has mentioned my site a few times on his podcast Phedippidations which is about running and trying to make coherent sentences in the process. My mom thinks it is cool that I have been mentioned on Steve’s podcast. She does not even care that he only has 12 listeners. Adam has also mentioned me, but not my site yet, on his podcast Burning 20. I am afraid of what Dr. Monte might say about me once he reads my site. Being a Dr. and all, I am chickening out telling him what I think about his podcast. Maybe he will just come here and read it for himself.

But, if I get all these hits, where are the comments? I am wondering if anyone is actually reading the site. Terry posts comments on occasion. I try to return the favor over at his blog too. Thanks Terry. Of course Mom is there with her comments. You gotta love moms for giving you a boost on occasion. I have two brothers who say they have been to the blog. Never heard a comment from them on the phone or seen one on the site. My wife just gives her comments verbally. I know she reads the posts because I tell her when it is updated and she reads it for typos. Sometimes a post will change drastically from its original posting because there was something in there she deemed inappropriate. So you have to read my posts before she gets to them to see the real me.

To be fair, most of my readers don’t know me. I have not started promoting my blog to my friends. The people I communicate with daily, or at least somewhat regularly, don’t even know I have a blog. I am planning on letting them know soon. I think there is enough content here now to get someone interested.

As Leo at Ask Leo! podcast says: “Leave a comment. I read them all.” I will read them and probably reply just out of sheer excitement for the comment. You do not have to “register” anymore to leave a comment. Just put in your name and email address (email address is not public). I do have to approve the comments before they go on the site and sometimes I will change wording for family friendliness. My 8 year old sometimes reads the blog too. I have to keep it appropriate.

Thanks readers!

Playful Painter

ipod_painting.jpgToday I saw a website that was fun. It is Playful Painter which is a blog of sorts. The artist paints oil on masonite. Many of his pictures are computer related. The way I found out about it was watching commandN with Amber MacArthur. On her show, they featured a particular painting he did of the Firefox logo in the dock of a Mac.

There are several videos on his site. They are time lapsed videos of him doing the painting. Very interesting to watch. Not being a painter, I am always fascinated by oil paintings. They are built in layers. It starts all splotchy from the lowest layer and works upwards getting more detail as each color layer goes on. You get to see that in the videos.

Make sure you check out his All Paintings link.

New website

Welcome to the new “My Scattered Thought Spot.” The name has been changed because I got a great deal on this web address.

I am thinking about changing hosting providers for my main website, In doing so, I thought I would give a try. They are currently the host for this blog and domain. I get 2 free URLs with the hosting package I chose. So I checked out Already taken, so I added the “my” and got It is registered free as long as I keep them as my host.

I have had a little difficulty with the change over of the database to the new server, but have not lost anything yet. The comments are all gone from the site, but they are still in the database. I just have to figure out how to get them to show up.

Welcome to the new blog location. I will work on promoting it and seeing if we can get some readers. Of course I have to actually put something up of interest.