New website

Welcome to the new “My Scattered Thought Spot.” The name has been changed because I got a great deal on this web address.

I am thinking about changing hosting providers for my main website, In doing so, I thought I would give a try. They are currently the host for this blog and domain. I get 2 free URLs with the hosting package I chose. So I checked out Already taken, so I added the “my” and got It is registered free as long as I keep them as my host.

I have had a little difficulty with the change over of the database to the new server, but have not lost anything yet. The comments are all gone from the site, but they are still in the database. I just have to figure out how to get them to show up.

Welcome to the new blog location. I will work on promoting it and seeing if we can get some readers. Of course I have to actually put something up of interest.

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