According to my logs I have had almost 2000 visits to my site this month. That is not a huge number, but it does mean that someone more than me is hitting the page. That is exciting news.

I am able to see that most of my visitors come to me from Steve Runner’s website and forums. Steve has mentioned my site a few times on his podcast Phedippidations which is about running and trying to make coherent sentences in the process. My mom thinks it is cool that I have been mentioned on Steve’s podcast. She does not even care that he only has 12 listeners. Adam has also mentioned me, but not my site yet, on his podcast Burning 20. I am afraid of what Dr. Monte might say about me once he reads my site. Being a Dr. and all, I am chickening out telling him what I think about his podcast. Maybe he will just come here and read it for himself.

But, if I get all these hits, where are the comments? I am wondering if anyone is actually reading the site. Terry posts comments on occasion. I try to return the favor over at his blog too. Thanks Terry. Of course Mom is there with her comments. You gotta love moms for giving you a boost on occasion. I have two brothers who say they have been to the blog. Never heard a comment from them on the phone or seen one on the site. My wife just gives her comments verbally. I know she reads the posts because I tell her when it is updated and she reads it for typos. Sometimes a post will change drastically from its original posting because there was something in there she deemed inappropriate. So you have to read my posts before she gets to them to see the real me.

To be fair, most of my readers don’t know me. I have not started promoting my blog to my friends. The people I communicate with daily, or at least somewhat regularly, don’t even know I have a blog. I am planning on letting them know soon. I think there is enough content here now to get someone interested.

As Leo at Ask Leo! podcast says: “Leave a comment. I read them all.” I will read them and probably reply just out of sheer excitement for the comment. You do not have to “register” anymore to leave a comment. Just put in your name and email address (email address is not public). I do have to approve the comments before they go on the site and sometimes I will change wording for family friendliness. My 8 year old sometimes reads the blog too. I have to keep it appropriate.

Thanks readers!

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  1. One of the perks of coming to WordPress is the ability to capture page stats, both via the webhost and statmeter. Every now and then, some bloggers put up the top 10 searches that led them to their site and they are usually pretty funny.

    My wife knows I have a blog but does not read it. I have told my mom what a Blog is and that I have one, but I do not think she has ever been to it other than the time I showed her the post about Betty Moran. My step-dad reads my blog daily, but is scared (I assume) of the comment button. But boy, he brings up what I wrote weeks after I wrote it and am trying to figure out what he is talking about. My friends know that I have a blog, but I basically have to blog about them and then tell them that I blogged about them. My brother comments every so often, but he does read it from time to time.

    99% or so of my commentors are people I have never met and I LOVE getting comments. I appreciate all the comments that you leave and try to leave them when I have something of substance to leave. Of course, I am not beneath leaving a witty comment of questionable content… it just has to be timed well.

  2. Thanks for the comment Terry! You got a chance to read the post before my wife got to it. When you come back and read here again you may find the post totally changed after she does her editing. Congrats for getting in early.

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