Week 14

Week 13
Well, I am not sure why I am trying to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday plan. It is not working. No running on Monday or Tuesday. I biked on Monday instead. I got 18 miles in on a fun hard ride. Tuesday I did not run because of meeting with a pastor for breakfast. That is actually what I call work.

I am throwing out my speed work for this training session. I am just working on getting in the miles. I have determined that since my goal is to just finish this first marathon that I should do what I can to be well trained but not push myself toward injury. I have plenty of time for that in the future.

I ran 3.1 miles at a tempo workout pace. But it felt easy at the time. 8:50 per mile. I also rode my bike again that day. It was just an errand and not really a workout. But I did put in the miles, so I am counting it. I rode 12.5 miles.

Thursday and Friday we were moving into our new house, therefore I did not run or bike. On Saturday I got in a great 20 mile run as prescribed by the training plan. I was slower than my goal pace for the day running at 11:32 per mile.

After that run, I feel ready. Mostly because I am tired of these long runs. Not that they are hard to do, but it is just hard to see the fun in running for 4 hours and never crossing a finish line. After this first marathon, the longer runs will probably not seem so bad since I can see how they pay off. I hope.

Week 14
Monday: Easy run, 2 miles.

Wednesday: 4X1600 at 8:11 pace.

Saturday: 12 mile long run.

Get lost!

I read this post over at Run to Win. Blaine talks about getting lost on a run. It reminded me of my first hour and a half run. It did not matter the distance, what was important was the time. I did not have a good way to measure distance at the time.

I took off into new territory and quickly got lost. 30 minutes into the run I was completely confused. I was new to the neighborhood, which did not help. I figured if I kept running I would eventually find myself. I did. A little after the hour mark I saw something familiar and knew how to proceed from there. It was a good thing too. I was so lost that even if I had called my wife, I would not have known how to tell her to find me.

When I did find myself, I stopped in a convenience store and grabbed a Gatorade and kept running. I got home in 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Missionary Talks 11: Elisabeth Carney

This was a very fun interview on a few different levels. First, it sounds great! The initial few seconds are a bit sketchy, but after that, it sounds wonderful. See if you can hear the kids squealing in the background on occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Carney were in my office during the interview and my wife was pulling her hair out with 4 kids downstairs. Then more friends showed up to give my wife a break, but that added 2 more kids (ok, so one is 16 years old, not much harm from her). I was able to edit out the door openings and closings from the kids. Also, the taunting by the husband while we were trying to be serious.

Secondly it was enjoyable just to hear about Argentina. Though we have spent time with the Carneys and they are about our age, we really have not developed a deep friendship since we work in separate ministries. Many of the things she mentions in the interview was new information to me. You will really get some insight from what she says about moving back to the US to go to college.

It was also a very easy interview to edit. I normally go through several times pulling out junk words and whole sections that just make the interview too long. After the first edit, this one ended up about the right length. It was just a matter of pulling out as many “ums” as I could and toning down the breathing. I had the mic kinda hot since I did not want to have to pass it back and forth (I really need a second mic). So I put it on my desk stand and we sat as close as we could to get a good sound. But the result is that you can hear excessive respirations while we talked.

Finally, it was fun to have them here for the evening. As I posted before, we had a birthday party for our son last night. Elisabeth and her husband were here and we had a good time playing games. I am not sure what the kids did for four hours, but we adults had fun.

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