Get lost!

I read this post over at Run to Win. Blaine talks about getting lost on a run. It reminded me of my first hour and a half run. It did not matter the distance, what was important was the time. I did not have a good way to measure distance at the time.

I took off into new territory and quickly got lost. 30 minutes into the run I was completely confused. I was new to the neighborhood, which did not help. I figured if I kept running I would eventually find myself. I did. A little after the hour mark I saw something familiar and knew how to proceed from there. It was a good thing too. I was so lost that even if I had called my wife, I would not have known how to tell her to find me.

When I did find myself, I stopped in a convenience store and grabbed a Gatorade and kept running. I got home in 1 hour and 35 minutes.

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