Week 14

Week 13
Well, I am not sure why I am trying to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday plan. It is not working. No running on Monday or Tuesday. I biked on Monday instead. I got 18 miles in on a fun hard ride. Tuesday I did not run because of meeting with a pastor for breakfast. That is actually what I call work.

I am throwing out my speed work for this training session. I am just working on getting in the miles. I have determined that since my goal is to just finish this first marathon that I should do what I can to be well trained but not push myself toward injury. I have plenty of time for that in the future.

I ran 3.1 miles at a tempo workout pace. But it felt easy at the time. 8:50 per mile. I also rode my bike again that day. It was just an errand and not really a workout. But I did put in the miles, so I am counting it. I rode 12.5 miles.

Thursday and Friday we were moving into our new house, therefore I did not run or bike. On Saturday I got in a great 20 mile run as prescribed by the training plan. I was slower than my goal pace for the day running at 11:32 per mile.

After that run, I feel ready. Mostly because I am tired of these long runs. Not that they are hard to do, but it is just hard to see the fun in running for 4 hours and never crossing a finish line. After this first marathon, the longer runs will probably not seem so bad since I can see how they pay off. I hope.

Week 14
Monday: Easy run, 2 miles.

Wednesday: 4X1600 at 8:11 pace.

Saturday: 12 mile long run.

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