Sizing problem

When I was wearing pants size 40+ (up to 44 at one point), I noticed that in the thrift stores most of the pants were 38. I looked forward to getting down there so I would have a wider pants selection. Last year when I got the chance to get back to the US and thrift stores, I had worked my way down to size 36. Oops. I missed the good choices at 38. But I was not complaining.

This last week I was in the US to do some shopping. I needed a new pair of jeans and have a particular brand and model that I like. Fortunately Wal-Mart carries them and they are pretty available. My size 34 are getting a bit big so I wanted to check out 32 to see how they fit.

What!? No 32? That’s right. Now I am falling out of the sizing range for even new clothes. What is this world coming to? I did finally find some 32 at another store. I would have bought a couple of pair, but at this rate, I am not sure how long I will be at that size. Ah the trials of losing weight.


Well, everyone else is doing it, why not? You will see how my interests change from week to week. I figure it will somehow be theraputic to see what my wife sees. She knows how often I get interested in something and then just drop it like a hot potato. Since I can never remember from week to week what my interests were the week before, I figure writing it down will give me a chance to see how flighty I am.