Carol Burnett’s Wall Bed

One of my favorite Carol Burnett skits has her walking into the house like a zombie arriving home from work. Her “husband” Tim Conway stumbles out of bed and gets dressed for work, again zombie-like. They go through their morning routine with only a passing kiss. As she crawls into bed she announces to him that she is pregnant. As he walks out the door he simply says, “No way.”

During the skit he gets up and makes the bed and folds it into the wall. She gets ready for bed and pulls it down and crawls in. I always thought it would be cool to have a wall bed that could serve as a spare bed in the house.

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Online Colleges and Universities

There are many Online Colleges and Universities. Many are traditional schools that offer their courses on the web.

Because classes are offered through the Internet, they are typically more flexible with your current work or school schedule. They are often less expensive since they can have more students taking classes, but not have the overhead of having the students at the campus.

The website consolidates hunting for schools that have online programs along with particular courses offered. You can find out which schools have campuses in or near your town if you have a desire to mix online classes with the resources offered by being near a campus.

While I have never taken online courses, I have friends who have. Some courses require that you “attend” class like any other student by checking in with the teacher each day, while still allowing you to study at your own pace. Some require that you spend time in chat rooms with fellow students collaborating on projects.

Some of the schools listed at the site have very specific study programs such as Motorcycle Technology specializing in Ducati Motorcycles. You can also study for a specialty field related to your current position which may allow you to advance in your career. Most people won’t be able to take 4 years out of their life to go to school, but if you can take classes while still working your current job you can make significant career moves over time.

I have taken a writing course through correspondence before. Online courses are the correspondence schools of the present and future. Take some time to check out the Online Colleges and Universities to see what they have to offer you.

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Term paper services

Have you ever heard of a term paper service that writes papers for you? I found one service that writes term papers where all you need to do is supply them with the topic of your paper, minimum number of references they need to cite, the number of pages and any other details on format or subject you want to include. They will then write the paper for you and deliver it via email in a few days.

The one that I came across starts at $12.95 a page and goes up to as much as $26.95 depending on how quickly you need the paper done. For the paper I recently finished it would have only cost me $207 (for the standard service) plus a minor thing as my reputation.

As a student they don’t expect anything else from you. You simply give them the details and they write the paper for you. Then you submit the paper to your teacher as if it were your own work. Where I went to college that was called plagiarism and would get you an automatic ‘F’ in a course. This is a scenario that is completely not worth it.

If you did not do the work to write the paper then why do you think you should get credit for it? The purpose of a student writing the paper is so that he will learn something about the subject in the process. Without a doubt this is the worst form of cheating I can imagine.

I guess there are a couple of things you learn by using this method; you learn how to be a liar and a cheat. These might be highly sought after qualities in some industries, but certainly not in someone I am looking to hire.

Outside of the moral issues raised with doing this, take a moment to look at their site and see if you want these guys writing a paper for you. I am not a professional writer, but Grammar Girl has taught me enough to know that they have no idea how to use an apostrophe nor when it is appropriate to capitalize a word or not.

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Time for new calendars

Have you ever gotten those promotional desk calendars that many companies give out at the start of a new year? I love getting them if they are the style I like and would use. I know some businesses get these and hand them out to everyone. But with the economy the way it is, you can get as few as 25 and give them to your best customers. Or, a school could purchase these and sell them to the students. (Then the teachers have a reason to yell at the students when they forget an assignment).

If you are interested in purchasing some and sending one my way, I prefer the Gnu Desk Monthly Calendar. I like that all the days are the same size; Saturday and Sunday don’t get smashed down to a smaller box. The weekends are when I have most of my long term scheduling to do so I need those boxes to be as large as any other day.

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New Advertisers Spur on Lazy Bloggers

I am starting to look into a new way to sell ads on My Thought Spot. It is unfortunate that I have not been posting as often as I know I should. But I do have excuses. Not sure any of them are grand ones.

I am thinking that if I sign up with a new advertising group that I might be motivated to generate new content. It is not that there is nothing new in my life, I just have not slowed down enough to post about it.

Here are the advertisers I am looking at. Do you have any thoughts on them? Any to avoid at all costs? Any that I should look into that I have not mentioned?