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Have you ever heard of a term paper service that writes papers for you? I found one service that writes term papers where all you need to do is supply them with the topic of your paper, minimum number of references they need to cite, the number of pages and any other details on format or subject you want to include. They will then write the paper for you and deliver it via email in a few days.

The one that I came across starts at $12.95 a page and goes up to as much as $26.95 depending on how quickly you need the paper done. For the paper I recently finished it would have only cost me $207 (for the standard service) plus a minor thing as my reputation.

As a student they don’t expect anything else from you. You simply give them the details and they write the paper for you. Then you submit the paper to your teacher as if it were your own work. Where I went to college that was called plagiarism and would get you an automatic ‘F’ in a course. This is a scenario that is completely not worth it.

If you did not do the work to write the paper then why do you think you should get credit for it? The purpose of a student writing the paper is so that he will learn something about the subject in the process. Without a doubt this is the worst form of cheating I can imagine.

I guess there are a couple of things you learn by using this method; you learn how to be a liar and a cheat. These might be highly sought after qualities in some industries, but certainly not in someone I am looking to hire.

Outside of the moral issues raised with doing this, take a moment to look at their site and see if you want these guys writing a paper for you. I am not a professional writer, but Grammar Girl has taught me enough to know that they have no idea how to use an apostrophe nor when it is appropriate to capitalize a word or not.

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