Online Colleges and Universities

There are many Online Colleges and Universities. Many are traditional schools that offer their courses on the web.

Because classes are offered through the Internet, they are typically more flexible with your current work or school schedule. They are often less expensive since they can have more students taking classes, but not have the overhead of having the students at the campus.

The website consolidates hunting for schools that have online programs along with particular courses offered. You can find out which schools have campuses in or near your town if you have a desire to mix online classes with the resources offered by being near a campus.

While I have never taken online courses, I have friends who have. Some courses require that you “attend” class like any other student by checking in with the teacher each day, while still allowing you to study at your own pace. Some require that you spend time in chat rooms with fellow students collaborating on projects.

Some of the schools listed at the site have very specific study programs such as Motorcycle Technology specializing in Ducati Motorcycles. You can also study for a specialty field related to your current position which may allow you to advance in your career. Most people won’t be able to take 4 years out of their life to go to school, but if you can take classes while still working your current job you can make significant career moves over time.

I have taken a writing course through correspondence before. Online courses are the correspondence schools of the present and future. Take some time to check out the Online Colleges and Universities to see what they have to offer you.

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