Review: Momentum is your friend

The sub-title is The Metal Cowboy and His Pint-Sized Posse Take on America. Yes, this is another book by the Metal Cowboy. It is the second one of his that I have read.

This book is about a summer trip he took with his two boys. They traveled 4,000 miles on a bike, a trail-a-bike and in a bike trailer. Though it is not strictly a journal, author Joe Kurmaskie weaves the events of the summer into a narrative of the highlights of the trip.

Because of the nature of the book, he was not able to draw on the vast number of experiences that he used in his first book, Metal Cowboy. At times this book dragged a bit just to bridge from one story to the next. Some stories were merely props to give background information for a later story. Where the stories in his first book were each a winning essay in itself, this book, necessarily, had some slower parts.

This book had much more cursing than the other book. I was pretty disappointed with that.

Though the writing style was as good as the first book, the stories were not as strong. That and the excess cursing causes me to say this is a book that could be skipped. I will probably re-read Metal Cowboy some day, but this one will be donated to the local library as I have no interest in reading it again.

Momentum Is Your Friend: The Metal Cowboy and His Pint-Sized Posse Take on America, Joe Kurmaskie, Breakaway Books, 2006, 318 pages.

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