Happy Birthday from PlaneT3rry

Last Thursday night I was in the Knoxville area again and I got to meet up with PlaneT3rry for the third time. We are starting to make a habit out of this.

This time was special though, I had to be on my best behavior. He was finally going to let me meet his wife. Actually, we had to prove to her that I was really a man so she wouldn’t think strange things about us.

The plans were that I would pick up Terry after the two of them drove to a meeting she had. Then Terry and I would go have dinner and do some general running around with me as his chauffeur for the evening. After we painted Wal-Mart and the Post Office red, then I would take him home and meet Jen, his “lovely and talented wife.”

As is often the case, plans got changed. This time for the better. Jen was able to leave her meeting early and join us for dinner. We had a great time eating and talking. Then, all of a sudden, we all geeked out together. Jen pulled out her Palm Centro, while Terry was on his Palm T|X. I had my iPhone and we all silently conversed through text messages, Facebook exchanges, Twitter comments and verbal snide remarks.

We finally parted ways with Jen going home to get stuff together for a weekend trip while Terry and I set out on the mission.

For Terry the goal was to get the gift cards that he was giving away prepared and in the mail before his trip. My responsibility was to help him spend the extra money on 2 separate gift cards. He needed $2.32 on each card, but Wal-Mart would not let him buy the exact amount. He had to buy $5 cards and I had to spend the extra $2.68 (exactly) on each card as my birthday gift (coming up December 15).

Immediately I knew that I wanted some snacks to help me with my 11 hour drive from Knoxville to Pensacola the next day. The trail mix I picked out got us to within $1 per card. Fruit was the best way to make up the difference. I decided on Apples and Bananas. I had to pick just the right size to make up the extra dollar without going too much over.

The fun part was explaining to the cashier what we were trying to do. We did a little profiling and looked for a cashier that might be able to understand what we were doing. Needless to say, Terry and I don’t have a future on the FBI: Behaviorial Analysis Unit. The cashier we chose was just one step away from clueless.

We made a math error on the first card which ended up deleting $2.32 and leaving $2.68. The second card did not work at all. So our attempt to be clever failed to give the desired results.

The good that came out of it was I got the coolest spontaneous birthday gift. The trail mix and fruit was only a small part of it. The best part was acting like a couple of college kids trying to play a prank at the expense of Wal-Mart. It was fun acting half our age for a short time.

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