Vacation Week: Weekend Piñata

We spent last week in Orlando enjoying time with the family. I am going to post a series of posts that cover the week. Instead of one long post that will be horrible to read, I will feed this out a little at a time.

“The Family” included my two brothers and their wives and children. They only have one wife each, but there is no better way to say that. Then my parents were there as well as my maternal grandmother and my wife and kids. In all, there were 17 of us hanging out.

PiñataWe drove to Orlando on Saturday (13th). Mom and Dad rented a house for the week. We contracted for a 3 bedroom house that 13 of us were going to use. But when assignments were made, they gave us a 5 bedroom, 4 bath house. Woot! That allowed everyone to sleep in a bed or air mattress. Our two kids were in our walk-in closet each on their own twin mattress. Big closet.

Sunday we went to church with my younger brother, who lives in Orlando. Later that day my older brother arrived with his family.

We celebrated my birthday a day early by eating cake and beating up a piñata. The kids had fun with it. I assumed that the rules were somewhat understood, but we had a bit of confusion. One of the rules that the Mexican kids surprisingly obey is that you don’t take candy from someone eles’ pile. Amazingly I don’t ever remember seeing a Mexican child steal candy from another child’s pile. They dive in to rake up the candy and once they have it, it is theirs. I had to do a bit of biting and punching to keep my brothers’ and nephews’ hands off my candy.

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