I ran by this manhole cover a few weeks ago for the first time. Since then on every run over 10 miles I have run down this road. When I saw it today I knew that I needed to snap a picture of it. Later this morning I was picking up an entertainment center that I found on Craig’s List and drove right by the manhole. I pulled out the phone and snapped a quick picture.

Of course what makes this interesting is the little orange sign by it informing you that it is a manhole. It even has an arrow to point you to the right direction in case the distance of 1 foot was too far to make the mental connection.

Actually, as you run farther down the road you begin to understand the sign, but this was the first one I had seen labled like this. As you get farther along the manholes move away from the road, but the little orange signs are there on the road in an easy to spot location so that you can know where the manholes are. Some of them are quite hard to see. With the bright orange sign workers are able to easily know where to begin looking for the manholes.

Funny at first glance.

Missionary Talks 57: Bethany Thompson

I just uploaded an episode of Missionary Talks in which I interviewed Bethany Thompson. Bethany is a long time friend, and it was a joy to talk with her for this interview. We have not talked in several years, so this interview was just part of an hour and a half conversation.

Sound quality is very good in some parts, but we did fight with some extraneous mic noise. I don’t think it will bother most people too much.

Now that that is over I can get to editing the run with T3rry.

Podcast Episodes

I have 2 podcasts that I am editing now. One I recorded several weeks ago. It is for Missionary Talks. Actually, I have 2 MTalks episodes recorded. One is such a bear to edit that I have been putting it off. I have decided that before I get to any other audio editing that I must get that one done.

That means that my recording with PlaneT3rry will be put off until I get this done. I must warn you though, the record quality is not that great. I will do what I can with it, but I am sorely disappointed with what I have heard so far.

The last My Thought Spot episode (where I was riding my bike) was so well recorded that I decided to use the exact same technique. The difference was the activity. Riding my bike did not have my shirt bounce up and down. I did not get any clothing noise from the bike ride. But the run resulted in clothing noise as well as a thumping sound on every step.

I will be able to do something with it, but it won’t be as good as it could have been. As soon as I get this MTalks episode done (hopefully by Wednesday) I will get to the PlaneT3rry recording.

Weeks 12 and 13

What happened?! I lost a week somewhere. Not only did I not blog about it, but it also almost did not happen. I still ran, but did not stick anywhere close to the plan.

Week 11
Monday was to be a short 2 mile run at easy pace. I caught up on my 20 mile long run. So the Monday run was pushed to Thursday. I ran 2.3 miles.

Wednesday was to be 7 miles of tempo running. I ran 2.85 on Friday at an easy pace.

Saturday was another long run of 16 miles. No run and the run I did do on Sunday was just 2.85 miles.

Totally out of whack.

Week 12
Monday: This was supposed to be a step back week. So instead of short runs during the week and a long run at the end, there were 3 longish runs scheduled. Monday was to be 7 easy. I ran 8.2 on Tuesday with PlaneT3rry.

Wednesday: To be 6 easy. I ran 2.3 at tempo pace.

Saturday: Another easy 6 miles. I ran my 16 miler from last week’s plan today. It ended up being a great run. I felt a bit stuffed after breakfast, but started on the run anyway. I had 2 gels and my CamelBak full of watered down Gatorade. Things just fell together well and I ran at a 10:39 pace. I did not take all my walk breaks. When it was over I was wishing that today was my marathon day. Everything just went smoothly.

Week 13
Monday: 2 miles easy.

Wednesday: 8 miles total with 4X1600 meter speed work at 8:11 pace.

Saturday: My second 20 mile long run. After this I start tapering back.

Meeting PlaneT3rry

Today I got to physically meet a virtual friend. PlanT3rry and I got a chance to run together today. I was supposed to be in Knoxville all this week, but a meeting was canceled. I really could have gone home yesterday from North Carolina, but we stuck with the plan to come over to Knoxville and meet with Terry.

We met downtown near the river and started our run. I recorded the run and will work on editing it into a podcast episode for your enjoyment.

I have been telling people the last couple of weeks that I was going to be running with my friend in Knoxville, but we have never really met. I guess this is the change that the Internet makes in relationships. Terry and I have been “friends” for 2 years. But it just seems odd to have a friend you have never met in person.

I look forward to doing the same with several other runners over this next year of traveling.