Meeting PlaneT3rry

Today I got to physically meet a virtual friend. PlanT3rry and I got a chance to run together today. I was supposed to be in Knoxville all this week, but a meeting was canceled. I really could have gone home yesterday from North Carolina, but we stuck with the plan to come over to Knoxville and meet with Terry.

We met downtown near the river and started our run. I recorded the run and will work on editing it into a podcast episode for your enjoyment.

I have been telling people the last couple of weeks that I was going to be running with my friend in Knoxville, but we have never really met. I guess this is the change that the Internet makes in relationships. Terry and I have been “friends” for 2 years. But it just seems odd to have a friend you have never met in person.

I look forward to doing the same with several other runners over this next year of traveling.

8 thoughts on “Meeting PlaneT3rry”

  1. It was great running with you! Glad that you stuck around despite the meeting cancellation, I sure hope that you can make it back to the area for another run!

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! I wish that I had been better prepared with camera and recorder ready… which reminds me to put more band-aids in the car.

    Oh FYI: there is a McKay’s in Chattanooga since you still have some credit and you don’t make it to knoxville, google McKay’s to get the Chattanooga address.

  2. I think the world of Terry, as he is my virtual running coach. I’ve only met him once!

    If life takes you to the Memphis area, I’d love to go on a run with you.

    1. Thanks for the comment Susan. If I am in Memphis I will look you up. Right now I don’t have anything scheduled there, but I may drive through this year while traveling. I used to spend a lot of time there in my travels. But that has been years ago.

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