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I have 2 podcasts that I am editing now. One I recorded several weeks ago. It is for Missionary Talks. Actually, I have 2 MTalks episodes recorded. One is such a bear to edit that I have been putting it off. I have decided that before I get to any other audio editing that I must get that one done.

That means that my recording with PlaneT3rry will be put off until I get this done. I must warn you though, the record quality is not that great. I will do what I can with it, but I am sorely disappointed with what I have heard so far.

The last My Thought Spot episode (where I was riding my bike) was so well recorded that I decided to use the exact same technique. The difference was the activity. Riding my bike did not have my shirt bounce up and down. I did not get any clothing noise from the bike ride. But the run resulted in clothing noise as well as a thumping sound on every step.

I will be able to do something with it, but it won’t be as good as it could have been. As soon as I get this MTalks episode done (hopefully by Wednesday) I will get to the PlaneT3rry recording.

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