Weeks 12 and 13

What happened?! I lost a week somewhere. Not only did I not blog about it, but it also almost did not happen. I still ran, but did not stick anywhere close to the plan.

Week 11
Monday was to be a short 2 mile run at easy pace. I caught up on my 20 mile long run. So the Monday run was pushed to Thursday. I ran 2.3 miles.

Wednesday was to be 7 miles of tempo running. I ran 2.85 on Friday at an easy pace.

Saturday was another long run of 16 miles. No run and the run I did do on Sunday was just 2.85 miles.

Totally out of whack.

Week 12
Monday: This was supposed to be a step back week. So instead of short runs during the week and a long run at the end, there were 3 longish runs scheduled. Monday was to be 7 easy. I ran 8.2 on Tuesday with PlaneT3rry.

Wednesday: To be 6 easy. I ran 2.3 at tempo pace.

Saturday: Another easy 6 miles. I ran my 16 miler from last week’s plan today. It ended up being a great run. I felt a bit stuffed after breakfast, but started on the run anyway. I had 2 gels and my CamelBak full of watered down Gatorade. Things just fell together well and I ran at a 10:39 pace. I did not take all my walk breaks. When it was over I was wishing that today was my marathon day. Everything just went smoothly.

Week 13
Monday: 2 miles easy.

Wednesday: 8 miles total with 4X1600 meter speed work at 8:11 pace.

Saturday: My second 20 mile long run. After this I start tapering back.

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