I ran by this manhole cover a few weeks ago for the first time. Since then on every run over 10 miles I have run down this road. When I saw it today I knew that I needed to snap a picture of it. Later this morning I was picking up an entertainment center that I found on Craig’s List and drove right by the manhole. I pulled out the phone and snapped a quick picture.

Of course what makes this interesting is the little orange sign by it informing you that it is a manhole. It even has an arrow to point you to the right direction in case the distance of 1 foot was too far to make the mental connection.

Actually, as you run farther down the road you begin to understand the sign, but this was the first one I had seen labled like this. As you get farther along the manholes move away from the road, but the little orange signs are there on the road in an easy to spot location so that you can know where the manholes are. Some of them are quite hard to see. With the bright orange sign workers are able to easily know where to begin looking for the manholes.

Funny at first glance.

One thought on “Clueless”

  1. David

    Just wanted to let you know that in my blog I used your image (oversized helmet) and a site which you recommended.

    Found you on twitter, recommended by Justin Long.

    Keep up the great mobilization friend. And, thanks for the post about doing phone interviews. And praise the Lord he provided you the Honda Oddassy. That’s the first car we got after returning home from 14 years on the mission field

    Mark Morris
    Twitter: markmorrisblog

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