What would you do with a pressure washer?

The question about what I would do with a pressure washer was posed to me today. Besides just using it to wash my car, I would definitely spend time trying to clean the engine compartment. I usually take my truck to a car wash and run it through a machine. After that it gets hand dried and vacuumed. The vacuuming is why I take it to them. I would rather pay someone the price of a car wash to do a good job vacuuming than have to do it myself.

But if I had a pressure washer from Car Guy Garage, I would give my engine a good cleaning. The car wash guys don’t do that. When I wash my little car (takes 10 minutes if I don’t have help, 30 if I do), I certainly don’t clean the engine by hand. That is where a good pressure washer would come in handy.

Also prepping a house for paint would be another use of a pressure washer that I would use.

What would you use one for?

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