Speed day

Today was a “speed work” day in my training. I had planned to trot down to the track that is about 3/4 mile from my house and then run 2 X 800 meter repeats. I needed to run a mile for my speed session. Last week I did 4 X 400 meters. My training plan does not specify how I need to do the speed work, it just specifies the distance.

I got to the track to find the gate was locked. That is the first time that has ever happened. I am not sure why it was closed unless it will be closed for the 2 week summer vacation that the university has. I hope not.

As a result I did a bit longer of a loop and made it back home for my warm up run. I then stretched for a bit and got ready to just run around my house for 1 mile. No, not in my house, but in the streets around the house. I have a 1 mile course laid out for such occasions.

I did not give myself much of a break before I started off on my speed run. I was supposed to cover the mile between 8:36 and 8:55. I ended up with an 8:57 mile. So I was on the slow side, but not horrible. However, I was quite wiped out after the run and just did a 10 minute cool down walk instead of a cool down run.

Tomorrow is a rest day from running. I will put the dumbbells to work. I will get both my sisters to clean the house and wash the car.

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