Lack of blogging energy

After my flurry of blog posts 2 weeks ago, I have struggled to get a post a day out. I attribute it to the diet my wife has me on.

In an attempt to get me down the final 15 lbs. to where I want to be, we have entered a pact to help one another. She is wanting to drop a few pounds and is in control of the food. I have had to do all my weight loss without the support of good food choices. Since she is really committed to this, I no longer have any bad food choices available (they are still here, but she carries a big stick to keep me away from them).

We have been on this diet 6 days and we have each lost 6 lbs. According to my somewhat abnormal tendency to weigh myself about 10 times a day, I think I will be down at least another pound tomorrow.

While that is all good, I think that has contributed to my lack of posting. There is a certain need for high energy foods to be able to keep the brain working. Apparently I am not getting enough to even write blog posts.

That must explain why my desk has gotten junked up and I can no longer see the surface. Oh, wait, there is nothing strange about that. Drats.

One thought on “Lack of blogging energy”

  1. Ah, you are just in the transmutating stage… soon you’ll grow an extra ear and one of your arms will go away. Oh, wait, sorry wrong blog.

    Seriously, as with carbo loading, your body is just figuring out what the heck you are doing to it and will adjust… give it a few days.

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