Tigres, 1-1

We won our game last night. It was a modest win, 40 to 16.

The game was a bit more lively than last week. We had two team members ejected. An ejection also carries with it a one game suspension. So they will not be able to play with us next week. Plus we had one player blow out his knee. No, not one of the 40 year olds either. He is 21.

We were playing in another state (I think our only road game) and I was one of the only 2 cars that were coming back last night. The city of Campeche is about 2 hours from Mérida. I got to bring the injured player home and to the hospital. The game ended around 11, and with getting loaded up, stopping at a convenience store for food and grabbing gas, we did not get on the road till 12:00. I got home around 2:30 this morning after dropping my ambulance load at the hospital.

I played a bit more in this game than last week. There was another new guy that has not been to any of the practices who played my position.

Our defensive line was incredible. A marked change from last week. One of our tackles could not be there, so we moved a line backer up to that position. That made all the difference. This line backer turned tackle ended up with probably 6 sacks and multiple running back take downs. He was quite impressive. I think he will be staying at tackle.

Our kicker was injured during the game and we trolled the sidelines to see who could kick. One guy volunteered and did a great job. I don’t know how he would do for field goals (since we don’t have our arena built, we are not kicking field goals yet), but for the kickoffs he did well at placing the ball at the back of the field.

All in all, a much better game than last week. We seemed a bit more together.

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