California here I come!

I am headed to Long Beach, California June 25-29. I will be going in the capacity of a polyglot/polydigit interpreter. Here is what they are asking me to do. This should be fun.

  • English to Spanish (voice)
  • Spanish to English (voice)
  • English to Mexican Sign Language
  • Spanish to American Sign Language
  • Mexican Sign Language to English
  • American Sign Language to Spanish
  • English to American Sign Language (not officially, but I am sure I will be doing a lot of that)

This is for the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America (DBFA) conference. I have never been to DBFA before. It always conflicted with camp when I lived in the US. This year it is a pretty tight conflict too, but there is a week between this and camp here in Mexico.

I am excited about it too. There will be several old friends whom I certainly have not seen in the last 3 years, and some of them have been many more years than that.

Anyone know good running routes in Long Beach/LA?

3 thoughts on “California here I come!”

  1. Absolutely!

    I am going to be posting to a couple of running forums the fact that I am going to be there and see if I can get recommendations on stores. I will only have a couple of hours each day that will be free. So I have to make best use of my time. Plus I will be depending on public transportation. I hope I don’t get too lost.

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