Missionary Talks hits 10,000!

Missionary Talks hits 10,000!Tonight I was able to catch the stats counter as it read 10,000 and grab the screen shot you see.

That is 44 downloads a day since Missionary Talks started. Including the episodes, promotional audios and the listener feedback episode, that averages out to 333 downloads/listens per audio file.

This week I will be doing another listener feedback episode. Don’t skip it though, I am putting on a story that I heard from another podcast. It takes about 8 minutes and is incredible. After I play it there, I may pull just that audio out and stick it up here at My Thought Spot.

When I go to California, I will have an opportunity to grab some great interviews. Since the conference is for the Deaf, there will be many Deaf missionaries there from around the world. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video camera or I could do a video Missionary Talks that is in sign language. Maybe someday.

I probably won’t get a show out just before I leave on my trip, but when I come back, I will have several.

I am also getting a new microphone in 2 weeks. I am very excited about that. I will be able to take that on the trip to California with me. Good times are a-comin’.

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