That milk expires when?

Milk expiration dateHere is a picture off the top of the milk my wife bought today. If you can’t do the math quickly, today is June 11, 2007. The expiration date is November 4, 2007. That is 5 months from now!

I was trying to tell my sister-in-law about the box milk here. She said, “oh we got box milk when I was a kid. It did not taste that bad.” I never tried to convince her that this stuff in the box is not at all like the stuff we got in the boxes as kids. This stuff does not taste like milk. Not that I have ever been a milk fan.

Did I fail to mention that you don’t need to refrigerate this stuff? Only after you open it do you need to put it in the fridge.

The yucky thing is that our daughter loves the stuff. It is the only milk she will drink. When she took a trip back to the USA last summer she did not drink milk the whole time.

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