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Do you know someone with dyslexia? I found a website today that has lessons on how to teach children and adults with dyslexia how to read. It is based on a phonics method, which is a solid reading method. Because English has 44 sounds and only 26 letters, we have sought a different way to teach reading, which, frankly, has not been working. But phonics has worked and will work.

This website, Dyslexia Decoded, promotes the ReadingBySix method. At Dyslexia Decoded there are links on how to get the full program for free. They seem to be more interested in getting the material in the hands of those who need it than making money off of it. They do, however, have a revenue stream. The materials are all available in printed format if you would rather work from a hard copy as opposed to reading the computer screen. They also take donations at their website.

We used phonics when teaching our son to read and will do the same with our daughter. By the time our boy turned 4 years old he was able to read the newspaper. He may not have understood what was being said in the paper, but he was able to read the words and pronounce them properly. Phonics is a great method for teaching children and adults to read.

Here is a press release that I read from them:

Dyslexia? Now there is Free Help

Now there is free online help for people who have dyslexia or simply did not learn to read well while going to school. It is a click-‘n-learn program. Students and adults may learn decoding, basic reading skills, and advanced reading skills all with the click of a mouse.

The program is called ReadingBySix. It provides a systematic approach to helping people defeat dyslexia and related reading problems. You will notice measurable progress from week to week provided participants are active in their studies and do their assignments. The online courses are virtually free when you give a small donation. If you choose not to donate, they are completely free.

Dyslexia is a distinct learning disability characterized by difficulties in decoding individual words. These difficulties may not show up in other cognitive and academic abilities. Dyslexia results from the confusion caused by the brain’s inability to associate abstract symbols with abstract ideas. This includes associating letters and words with the sounds they represent. The key to defeating dyslexia is learning to decode English sounds.

You are invited to review the website and take a few of the courses for practice and learn how the program works. Then use it to teach your children or students to read. It can be used for preschool, home school, grade school, or high school. Students, adults, and children can use it. It teaches reading 100% of the time and it’s all electronic. If you know of people who need help, please tell them about ReadingBySix: http://www.dyslexiadecoded.com/

Source: Dyslexia Decoded
Free Help for Dyslexia

So, if you know anyone who struggles with reading, or if you are going to be teaching your child to read (which, in my opinion, the parents should do and not leave it up to a school system that is broken), then check out Dyslexia Decoded. You don’t have to have dyslexia to be able to benefit from this program.

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  1. When our oldest was about 2.75years, we got him a Leap Frog DVD about letters. In it, each of the letter’s sounds were highlighted in a cartoon type setting. Shortly after that he was saying his alphabet phonetically… blew our minds. He’s been reading words now for a few months, but he doesn’t have the focus to read a book from cover to cover yet.

  2. Our son picked up on the reading really well. One thing I think helped is that he loved books from the very beginning. Anytime someone would come to visit, he would ask them to read him a book. Our daughter on the other hand is just now starting to find interest in books (she recently turned three). Therefore, she has been slower to pick things in that realm. But, she is also bi-lingual at three and our son did not start his bi-lingual skills till he was 7. So they each have their strengths.

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