Now that wasn’t so scary

That, my friends, is how you earn $5.

Each sponsored post pays differently. The one for Dyslexia Decoded was a $5 sponsorship. You can tell it was a sponsored post because in the category link it says “Sponsored” and it had the little red box at the bottom saying that it was sponsored by a company.

Does that mean you should not read them? No. I will post honest thoughts about the websites or products I review. You have read my thoughts and opinions about many other websites and products here on the blog, so the only difference is that now I am getting some compensation back from my postings.

I am trying to earn enough money each month to save for new shoes. Running does not require much equipment, but shoes do wear out and they are not always cheap.

2 thoughts on “Now that wasn’t so scary”

  1. Uh, no. Well, actually you can. You can get paid for reading and writing about my posts on your blog. If you are interested, I will try to get more information to you. I am not totally sure how that works yet.

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