Active weekend

Yesterday I had my first scrimmage game for my arena football team. We did not have enough equipment to go around, so we ended up playing flag football. That is the type of ball I played in Jr. high and high school. I felt totally comfortable with the rules. We had some modifications though. Where we were able to incorporate arena rules with flag rules we did so.

My team lost by a couple of touchdowns.

Though I am in pretty good shape, the body still hurts and gets sore from hitting the ground. Twenty years ago when I was playing ball all the time, I don’t remember being so sore the next day.

This morning I had a 10K race that I wanted to run. I had planned the race before I knew that I was to have the game yesterday. When I went to bed last night I had decided that my running of the race was dependent on how I felt this morning. I guess I felt alright since I woke up and motivated myself out the door.

I ran the first half in 29:22 and the second half in 30:38. Almost even splits. According to my watch, my time was 1:00:00. Official time was 1:00:05. Since my goal was 1 hour or less, I took my watch time. (BTW, this is the first race that I have run here that was actually the advertised distance.)

I was still sore and stiff through the first kilometer and was still considering turning around early. Somewhere between Km. 1 and 2 I decided to stay in the race.

It was a smaller race. Probably only 150 people. I took 26th for my division (30-39 year olds). I don’t know how many were in my age group. But, there were some people who came in after me.

I got a fairly nice T-Shirt from the race. But it is XL in size. I used to wear XL and don’t want any more shirts that size in my life. So, it will become a grungy football shirt. Why, oh why, do they give out L and XL shirts at races? Don’t they know the majority of people will be average to thin?

After all was said and done this weekend, I was glad I skipped the 8 mile long run I had planned for Saturday morning.

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