Fluffy’s next big adventure

Sunday morning while I was out racing, the family was eating breakfast. Fluffy was again in the exercise ball. While they were eating, the baby said “There goes Fluffy.” My wife told her that Fluffy was exercising.

A bit later, our son said that Fluffy was running around. My wife commented again that Fluffy was exercising in his ball. Then our son told her that Fluffy was running around outside of the ball! Somehow the lid came off and Fluffy was loose to roam free.

He was not hard to catch.

Lest you think that Fluffy is a new addition to the family, he is not. We have had 2 hamsters since the end of January, Fluffy and Spot. But up till this weekend, there really has not been anything exciting to say about them. Now they are getting the lime light. At least Fluffy is.

Some day I will have to take a picture of them when we try to put them together. We have our own ring side seats for a cage match.

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