Fluffy’s near death experience

Yesterday our daughter was playing with Fluffy the hamster. She won’t actually touch him, but she does like carrying him around when he is in his exercise ball. She sets him down gently and in general is very gentle with him. Well, with the exception of the time she got excited and started jumping up and down. Poor Fluffy.Fluffy the hamster

Yesterday she brought the ball to my wife and me as we were in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. She kept saying “Fluffy’s OK. Fluffy’s OK.” My wife took the ball with Fluffy from our 3 year old. She looked and said “Fluffy does not look OK. Fluffy looks dead.”

While I quizzed our daughter on the events leading up to Fluffy’s demise, my wife was poking on Fluffy to see if there was any life left in him.

Apparently Fluffy was on the couch in the ball and walked off. Not a long fall, but when you are a pygmy rodent and fall onto a tile floor, I guess it is kinda traumatic.

My wife finally proclaimed that Fluffy was still breathing. She pulled him out of the ball and was just caressing him. He opened his eyes and started moving his head around. But moved nothing else. Finally his front legs. Then a little bit later one of his back legs. He started walking, but dragging the other leg. He never acted stressed but was not walking well.

My wife put him back in his cage and after a while he was walking fine. I guess he got some temporary paralysis.

So yes, “Fluffy’s OK.” For now anyway.

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