Missionary Talks 38: Richard Edwards

When I was away on my trip last week I was able to get two interviews. The first was with Pastor Richard Edwards and the second was his wife Brenda. I enjoyed talking with each of them.

With Bro. Edwards I tried to focus the interview on what he as a pastor learned from being a missionary that now helps him treat missionaries differently. Though that is not the way the interview turned out, I still think he had some great insight into relationships between the pastor and missionary. My interview with his wife should be out in about a week. Whereas Richard’s interview was fairly easy to edit, Brenda’s will not be. We talked for well over 30 minutes, and while I enjoyed our conversation, we really rambled a lot. That means I will have a lot of editing to do. I think that comes from trying to do two interviews back to back. The first one I was focused but the second one I started to relax too much.

We were together for a special week of meetings in Tampico. They were a great couple to get to know and I look forward to possibly spending time with them in the future.

My Thought Spot 17: Running Records Abound

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