Olympic Trials Marathon Winners (Men)

Ryan Hall won in 2:09:02. The fact that he won was no great surprise. He was favored as the leader going into this race for good reason. He is quite on top of his game right now. This is an Olympic Trials record by 1 minute and 17 seconds (2:10:19 is the former record).

Second place went to Dathan Ritzenhein with a time of 2:11:07, a personal record by over 3 minutes.

Third is Brian Sell. He beat out a lot of big names in the last 6 miles with a time of 2:11:36.

Thanks for nothing NBC! Not only was I not able to watch it because of living outside the US, but they reportedly did not support Linux or Mac clients being able to view the site. When I did get connected through a proxy (which was rare since the site was often down with server errors) I got no video. I tried it a few times with the one Windows machine in the house, but only got server errors every time I tried there.

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