Empty handed

Remember about a year ago I mentioned that I was going to quit my day job and play chess full time? That was because I had won $250 (pesos) in a tournament. I was reminded of that this week because we just played that tournament again. Tonight was the awards ceremony for it.

I did not win anything. In fact, besides byes and forfeits, I have not won a single game in a tournament since last year.

My son’s chess club tied for 3rd place in the team competition. He won 2.5 (out of 6) games in that tournament, but it did not get him any prizes this year either. We walked away empty handed. But, we still enjoy the game.

He actually played 2 tournaments this last week. In the second one he won 3.5 games out of a possible 5. That was not quite good enough to place in his division, but he did really well in the tournament.

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