Famous Friday: The Final Sprint

I would normally bring you a blog that I have been reading for some time and have some experience with. Today I am bringing to you a site that I have previously not read until today. While looking for the US Olympic Marathon Trials coverage, I came across The Final Sprint. I am familiar with the website since I listen to their podcast, but I have never read any of the content on the site until today.

They did a fairly good job of covering the event. I think they were severely hit hard by traffic. The site was horrifically slow to load during the coverage. They seem to have recovered slightly since then.

Along with the running news related blog, they have a podcast. It is an interview format. They tend to have some great celebrities on the podcast. However, I have considered unsubscribing a few times since I started listening about 2 months ago. The host seems to be in love with his own voice. I think the interviews are about 40% host talking and 60% guest talking. I would like to see that more in the range of 10% (or less) for the host’s part. Also, there seems to be little editing done on the show. The host stumbles over his words and could do a simple edit to correct it. Certainly some editing would help cut down on the host’s dominance in the audio. If he wants to ask leading questions (which almost all of them are) then state the basic question and edit out the “leading” parts of it.

For now, I am going to continue to listen to the podcast. I have subscribed to the RSS feed for the site and will be reading their coverage over the next few weeks to see how they do.

I make them my Famous Friday pick for this week because of their great coverage of the event this morning since NBC left us without coverage.

[Yes, I know it is not Friday, but in all my time of doing this pick, I think only 2 of them have actually been posted on a Friday.]

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